*These sentiments belong solely to the NJ Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi

The New Jersey Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi stands in solidarity with the Black community in the US and abroad in the face of systemic violence, racism, and abuse of power. We cannot and will not be silent as members of our sorority, school, and greater community are impacted by a system that perpetuates racial injustice and excessive and needless violence. Silence is a privilege that refuses to acknowledge the deep-rooted and systemic injustices against Black people in America that have always been a part of this nation’s history and continue to be today. We recognize and acknowledge our privilege as a predominately white chapter attending a predominantly white institution. But as a group that claims to be committed to integrity, honor and respect, sincere friendship, and philanthropic service to others, where there is injustice against one it is injustice against us all. 

Although the majority of this chapter’s members will never be able to understand the experiences of Black people, we are committed to taking action in any way we can as well as further educating ourselves in ways to be better allies. To our non-Black members and peers, we strongly encourage you to speak out and take action against the injustices— injustices that range far beyond police brutality— against Black individuals that have always been and continue to be present in our society. To our Black sisters and friends, we see you, we hear you, and we stand by you. 


Welcome to the New Jersey Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi at Princeton University! We're so happy you've checked out our website and taken some time to learn about Pi Phi and our chapter.

Being a Pi Beta Phi woman is more than just being a member of a sorority– it's about having a group of sisters you know you can count on. Although Pi Phis at Princeton are busy and active all over campus– on varsity teams, in student government and the performing arts, or conducting research–they'll always make time for one another. To be a Pi Phi is to know you have a group of people on campus who are there for you, who support you, and who you can turn to whenever you feel like you need a friend. 

Through important Pi Phi institutions, such as chapter, sisterhood events, and various ways of philanthropy and community service, incredible bonds are created. One of the advantages of becoming a Pi Phi is having a group of incredible, fun, and interesting girls to spend time with over a cup of coffee, in Firestone Library, or wherever else. The girls in Pi Phi are incredibly diverse– they offer a breadth of backgrounds, experiences, and interests that makes every member unique. By becoming a Pi Phi, especially a member of the New Jersey Alpha chapter, there are so many great opportunities to be had. 

Thank you so much again for checking out our website! Be sure to follow us out on Instagram as well, at @piphiprinceton. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Chapter President, Alexa Underwood, at alexau@princeton.edu!